1. What animal appears on the flag of Sri Lanka?

The flag represents a gold lion (from the word Sinha) on a crimson field (pre-colonial state) with gold bo leaves (Buddhist symbols) at the corners; vertical green (Muslims) and orange (Tamils) stripes at the left represent the minorities.

2. How many monsoon seasons are there in Sri Lanka?

There are two monsoons. The South-West from June to October and the North-East from December to March. Sunny and warm days are the rule even during the height of the monsoons.

3. Sri Lanka is surrounded by which ocean?

4. What is the name of King Kasyapa's Fortress?

Lion Rock is also known as Sigiriya by most Sri Lankans. It was built by King Kasyapa as his fortress with a palace at the top.

5. What is the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka?

This mountain is situated in Nuwara Eliya. It has an elevation of 2,524 m (8,281 ft). Even though it is pretty cold up on Pidurutalagala, it usually doesn't snow.

6. In which Sri Lankan province is the famous Temple of the Tooth located?

The Temple of the Tooth is also called Dalada Maligawe. Dalada Maligawa is situated in Kandy of the Central Province. The Temple of the Tooth is a sacred site for Buddhists.

7. What makes the Golden Temple of Dambulla so unusual?

The Golden Temple of Dambulla is also known as the Dambulla Cave Temple. The Golden Temple houses Buddhist statues and wall paintings exhibited over five caves. Humans have been living in these caves for almost 3,000 years and there are burial sites in this cave complex. This temple was built in the 1st century B.C. and from the front looks somewhat like a normal temple built into an overhanging rock. As soon as you enter you will be greeted with fantastic paintings on the walls and ceilings.

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